Casa Program

  • Casa (Preschool): Ages 2.5 to 6

The Casa (Preschool) Program (2.5 – 6 years)

This program engages the absorbent mind of the child through self selected work and constructive activity, both in the prepared environment of the indoor classroom and outdoors, where children are encouraged to explore the natural world. Materials in the classroom are divided into curricular areas that assist the child in the development of concentration, coordination of mind and body, independence, order, and self-discipline. Practical life exercises encourage small-and large-muscle development and reinforce the concepts of order and sequence. Sensorial materials develop the child’s ability to make finite discriminations through the use of the five senses. The language curriculum balances a strong phonics approach with a method that allows creative writing through dictation, invented spelling, and literary appreciation. The mathematics curriculum includes the manipulation of materials that are sequenced with concrete experiences leading to more abstract discoveries. The Culture Curriculum exposes the child to elements of History, Geography, Botany, Zoology and Science.