Elementary Program

  • Lower Elementary (Gr. 1, 2, 3): Ages 6 to 9 and
  • Upper Elementary (Gr. 4, 5, 6): Ages 9 to 12

The Elementary Program (6 to 12 Years)

The elementary program builds on the characteristics of children this age, who are engaged in thinking, perceiving, and learning about the interconnectedness of things and in pursuing a newfound interest in social relationships. Languages and the arts are recognized as a means of communicating ideas and fulfilling fundamental human needs. Reading, writing, mathematics, geometry, and science are tools within the child’s own culture that unlock new insights. Geography, History, Botany, and Zoology are presented in ways that give meaning and appreciation to the great order of the universe. The elementary curriculum is based on five major stories and several minor ones that provide children with a vision of the universe from its beginnings through the present. Each story sparks imagination and curiosity and is accompanied by charts, timelines, illustrations, artifacts, scientific experiments, literature studies, and independent research.