Specialty Programs

The French Program

The program expectations are organized into three strands, which correspond to the three main areas of language use: oral communication, reading, and writing. The curriculum in all grades is designed to provide students with activities that develop a range of essential skills in these areas, including a foundation in spelling and grammar and language conventions. Print and electronic media are used as learning resources.

The Physical Education Program

The Program is designed to provide elementary students with exciting opportunities and quality instruction, for a variety of sports. Students focus on different sports each term and travel to a particular facility to receive their lessons. In addition to gaining the knowledge and skills needed to perform the sport, an emphasis is also placed on co-operation, sportsmanship, and participation. Students are encouraged to understand the importance of daily physical exercise and how it contributes to physical fitness, health, and well-being.

The Arts (Art, Music, Drama)

The curriculum is designed to give all students the opportunity to discover and develop their ability in different artistic forms and media and to learn to appreciate works of art. Students will develop critical and analytical skills in the study of the arts, and the ability to communicate in a variety of ways. The arts curriculum is not intended to provide the intensive instruction that students with special talents need. The abilities of such students can be developed through other means (e.g., private lessons), which support the development of talents to a high level.

The Library/Computer Centre

The Fairview Glen Library is designed to complement instruction and learning in the academic growth of our students. Because we recognize the growing role of the Library/ Computer Centre, our program and facilities are designed to provide students with resources, both technological and traditional print materials, which enhance the educational experience through active participation. It is our goal to give students the skills necessary to research, interpret and evaluate information in an information focused world.