This is what our parents and alumni have to say about us:

“Fairview Glen has offered us an amazing educational experience for our son since he started there 1 year ago. Since our first visit, the teachers and staff have felt like family. All the teachers and staff know the children by name and welcome them with warm smiles.

Every day we are impressed with the knowledge and skills our son has learned during his day at Fairview Glen. More importantly, Fairview Glen has helped our son develop a love of learning and we are so grateful for this.

One day when we picked our son up from a regular school day, his first words were, “This is the best school ever!” He continues to enjoy each day and we look forward to continuing to be a part of the Fairview Glen community.” The McDiarmid Family

“We have been thrilled with our choice of Fairview Glen Montessori School for our two children! The staff’s passion to provide a learning environment that the children thrive in and are proud of is consistently apparent. Their dedication to the success of the school and its students is unwavering, and their enthusiasm contagious!.” Kerry and Kevin McAleese
“Choosing the right school is a very important decision that all caregivers and parents need to make and monitor as their child develops throughout each stage. We were overwhelmed and concerned about which school would be the best for our 3 year old daughter.

Fairview Glen Montessori School proved to be the most trusted choice to deliver a stimulating, respectful and challenging environment that encourages children to exercise their best capabilities at the right pace.

The experienced teachers at Fairview Glen provide a Centre for Learning Excellence by encouraging a child to learn in a safe, focused environment. Their method of teaching fosters confidence and pride in each child which creates an eagerness to learn. Fairview Glen places a large importance on teaching courtesy, respect and positive social interaction to each child and their peers by working as a team on projects. This helps when it is time to transition the child into the larger school environment because it makes the social interaction seamless.

The Fairview Glen teachers coach each child to understand and expand on his or her strengths by recognizing and developing individual education plans as Montessori principles state.

The size of the school and classes allow each teacher to focus on bringing out the best ability of the child. When you walk in you feel comfortable in its calm surroundings and appreciate the learning environment for your child.

Our child has grown into a bright, high achiever and takes pride in a very humble way. The teachers from schools attended after Fairview Glen commend her for demonstrating an eagerness to learn and her ability to focus.

For this, we sincerely thank Fairview Glen and know that we made the right choice for her first school experience.

Seven years later, our 3 Year old son has joined the Fairview Glen Casa class. He too is excelling. We are confident that we will see a positive outcome!

Respectfully,” The Meagher Family